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Little Dodo’s ABC Book

Little Dodo’s ABC Book
Priya N. Hein (née Rughooputh) is the author of the popular A Little Dodo Called Feno book series which have been published in English, French and German.
Her third book, Little Dodo’s ABC Book, published by Editions Orphie in France received the Coup de Coeur FNAC, Paris.
Born in Mauritius, Priya N. Hein spent her childhood in Mauritius and London. Priya holds a Bachelor’s (Hons) degree in Law with French LLB  from The Manchester Metropolitan University and L’Université Robert Schuman, IEP Strasbourg.
She also holds a bi-lingual Master’s degree in International Politics and Law from L’Université Libre de Bruxelles.
Priya writes a monthly children’s feature for a British Newspaper.
Married with two children Priya lives in Munich and regularly visits Mauritius. For more information please visit

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