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When you knock on the door of a politician from a mainstream political party in Mauritius offering your services to the nation, THIS IS WHAT HE IS MOST PROBABLY THINKING:

A Sino-Mauritian – you can never be anything more than a ‘best loser’

A Franco-Mauritian – a business man – if he wants something I can get a cut, if he doesn’t play ball I will ruin him by bringing in an Indian competitor

A Creole – do you have influence, then I’ll promise you ‘compensation for slavery’ just to get your vote. No influence? Then know your place – at the bottom of the pile!

An Indo-Mauritian – are you a Vaish… you have leadership potential!  Are you a Ravived? – we need your votes; you might become Minister of Culture, befitting your lowly status. Are you a Tamil, Telugu, Marathi? We’ll find a way to keep you onside…

A Muslim – do you have a following in Plaine Verte? If not, what good are you?

A person of mixed heritage – what can I do with you?

NU CAPAV end this nonsense which is holding our country back.

We need a NEW GENERATION of politicians so that when we knock on their doors they will see….

A MAURITIAN! And the question they will ask is what are your skills and experience, how can you benefit your nation, not what family or community you belong to…..



This is what we need to tell our politicians:

LABOUR – NU FATIGE – we want no more rabid ethnicisation of our body politic. NU FATIGE with your family ‘aristocracies’ who by accident of birth think they are automatically members of an elite group destined to rule over us. NU FATIGE of your rampant corruption.

MMM – You once had a great vision but you lost your way. NU FATIGE with your scientific communalism. You had a chance to transform our social and political landscape. You bottled it.

MSM/PSMD –Just because you win an election does not mean that your uncle or son or petits copains of all descriptions deserve a Ministerial portfolio or an Ambassadorship. We don’t want family trusts or invisible networks amassing public funds for private misuse. We want to live in a MERITOCRACY not a KLEPTOCRACY!

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