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Extraordinary Lives – Slave Voices

Extraordinary Lives – Slave Voices

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This collection of stories shows the extraordinary lives of some people who venture to better their life condition in a political climate/context that was to some degree unfavourable to them. This book, the first one in a series, shows us that there are positive aspects from the past that we can be proud of – that we can even learn from. These individuals, although disadvantaged at the very start of their lives, have nevertheless shown that the human spirit is strong and dignified. This little book also gives us a glimpse of slavery at different periods.  Although it was of course mostly Africans who were enslaved, particularly after the Middle Ages, these stories also remind us that virtually all of humankind has at one time or another suffered this appalling fate.

The stories of Furcy, Bilal, Jouan, Drury and Plato, are testament to the universality of human experience and of the unquenchability and adaptability of the human spirit in the face of adverse circumstances. But most importantly they show us that notwithstanding the slings and arrows of misfortune, they persevered and sought to overcome the poor hand fate had meted out to them. It is for us now to take what is good from the past, rather than dwelling on long unresolved injustices so that we can improve our lives in the present and learn how to avoid repeating the errors of history in the future.

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One Response to “Extraordinary Lives – Slave Voices”

  1. oloa says:

    c est bien de parler de ces hommes qui mirent tout leur courage pour faire face à des situations très éprouvantes….on est en réalité toujours l esclave de quelqu un… de tout temps la liberté en fait est dans l esprit il nous appartient donc d être libre vraiment sans les chaînes de nos sociètés d aujourdhui..c est tout un travail sur soi

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