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Black Saturn

Black Saturn


Blustery dark grey sheets lashing down

Local Gods cry, sweat, spat and frown

On the green and concrete of the city

Washing every nook and cranny

With its roaring ebullient currents

As it fills canals, clogging, billowing,

Cascading in swift deadly torrents

Innocent bodies are shrouded in

Thousands of particles of mud

Offering from the Mother Earth.


In the beating heart of Canal Dayot

The dilapidated arteries ran riot

Awashed by the overawing diluvial

Bodies ran and swam for survival


Distraught, distressed and dismayed

At the rescue services of the state

Upon this woeful black Saturday

Families are left to their tragic fate


In the alluvial at the Waterfront

Innocent souls bore the brunt

Tears flowing over in the city

With rising level of solidarity


For the absence of a better system

Superceding colonial infrastructure

The population have accused ‘them’

‘They’ blamed it on Mother Nature


No, not us stated the powers-that-be

Wait for our fact-finding committee

The water cuts through like a knife

Leaving our Paradise in bitter strife

Rebel, scream, mourn, laugh, weep

The lesion is real, fresh and deep.


(c) CCuniah