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Diya Ramjheetun

On the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day we launch our new series of articles on CITIZENS’ VOICE with this contribution by Diya Ramjheetun:


My Social Engagements :

Social work is my passion. I’ve been doing social work since childhood, let’s say it is in my blood as I belong to an Arya Samajist family. I have been doing volunteering work; today it feels awesome when youths of my age, look at me as their role model; and I’ve worked hard and strived a lot to arrive at this stage. At present I am the president of an NGO called Bridging Education with Needy Children, whereby we select children throughout Mauritius without discriminating between their caste, creed, colour or sex. We give those children, school materials (books, bags, pens, pencils, etc.) Moreover, I am also the president of a cultural association – youth wing – called FOND DU SAC ARYA YUVAK SANGH. Here together with the youth of the locality, I arrange activities and competitions for them. Recently with the collaboration of Ministry of Youth and Sports we have organized a Peers Educators Course and a Leadership Course for Youth. Although most of my time is spent with the youth in the locality, I have not forgotten the elders; in the month of April 2014, I organized a food donation for the senior citizens living at Gandhi Ashram, Petit Raffray.


A change in my character by doing Social/Volunteer work:

I have changed a lot throughout the journey in this field. I get to learn a lot. Before I was surrounded only by the four walls of my room, but now I understand the meaning of hard work, perseverance, determination, respecting each other and to raise my voice against injustice. Undoubtedly, my social & volunteer work has brought me where I am today and I intend to carry on with a view to becoming a great social worker one day.


My point of view on women of 2015 in Mauritius & world-wide:

Although we are in the 21st century, women are still regarded as second-class citizens by many people in society. On top of that, every day we hear cases of rape, murder or domestic violence, where women are the victims; our society has progressed technologically but the human mentality is lagging behind. In a very short time, women have made progress in all fields of knowledge; we have great female role models, such as: Mother Theresa, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher among others. It is great time for us in Mauritius, to show as a sign of progress, to give the opportunity to some of the female MPs to run as Prime Minister and/or to occupy the position of President of Mauritius.


 My message to the Youth:

It’s never too late to start over. If you were not happy with yesterday, try something different today. Do not give up; do better. It may be difficult but after every dark night there comes a sweet morning. Wake up, smell the coffee and run towards your dream.


 My vision of a better society and future for Mauritius

We need to create a Mauritius where no discrimination is made between caste, colour and creed. Everyone earns a meal that s/he merits; when meritocracy reins, then only our Mauritius, our paradise island, will shine like a star in the Indian Ocean. Nevertheless things are moving and our country’s future is very bright.